5 Simple yet Stylish Office Looks

5 Simple yet Stylish Office Looks
Posted by admin on December 19, 2017 at 11:10 am filled under Branded Clothes Category

Office wear though formal is stylish, fashionable, sophisticated, chic and modern. As they differ for women and men, the 5 Office looks below have accordingly been explained for each and definitely help you to choose the best combination possible.


1. Formal Trouser Combinations come in different materials and ‘cuts’ including straight, ankle-length and long. They are worn with tops or blouses in various colours, patterns, designs and lengths. Trousers in one colour, for example black, dark blue, grey, brown or white are paired with a blouse that is striped, pin-striped, patterned or of a single colour and having short or long sleeves. Different shades of these standard colours are available and give rise to numerous combinations. Red is also an option as are pinstriped trousers, in various styles and combinations.

2. Formal Skirts include pencil, A-line and A-symmetrical skirts. They are available in various colours, designs and sizes. The length is just above or below the knee or sometimes longer. They are worn in various combinations as colour shades of black, grey, brown and deep blue vary widely.

3. Formal Dresses are available in various colours, designs, patterns, styles, lengths and sizes. They are paired with coats and belts to add flair.

4. Formal Trouser Suits are available in different combinations i.e. different types of trousers with different types of tops, blouses, coats or blazers.

5. Formal Skirt Suits are available in different combinations i.e. different types of skirts with different types of blouses, coats or blazers.


1. Formal Trouser Combinations come in different ‘cuts’ including straight and ankle-length and colours including black, navy, brown, grey and beige. They are made of different materials and come in various shades (example- different shades of black). Accordingly, various combinations can be made with shirts, coats and blazers.

2. Formal Shirts are available in many shades. They vary in pattern, design, length, sleeve length, type of collar, type of cuffs and size. Numerous combinations with trousers, ties and blazers are possible.

3. Formal Suits include various formal trouser-shirt-coat combinations that are worn with or without ties. As ties are available in different colours, patterns, designs and styles, they add character to a suit.

4. Formal Coats are of different designs, colours, shades and styles. They look chic and sophisticated.

5. Formal Blazers are available in different designs, ‘cuts’, colours and style. They are very versatile and look good with any combination.